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    Adding a page to a newsletter


    I'm working on an existing Newsletter that is already on a template. There is a heading on this newsletter with the company name and the bottom is the address. However the existing newsletter only consists of two pages. I've deleted the content, and I am going to insert the new content but I'm going to need more than two pages. How do I add a third page with the same logo at top and bottom, (it's not a header and footer) This is Word 2003. Thank you!

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    Without knowing more about how the document is currently structured, it's hard to suggest a best method. Almost always, if a document features content that needs to repeat at the top and the bottom of every page, that content should be in the header and footer (that way, you don't need to worry about how to add more pages - you just add text and content and Word automatically adds new pages as needed).

    Is putting the company name in the header and the address in the footer not an option at this time?
    If not, how are the company name and address currently laid out on the page? Are there multiple columns for the page content, or is it laid out in a table?


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