Lately I have noticed that a few programs I start after boot are running without a path. I use Process Explorer to monitor my computers and the programs in question have the following listed for their path "[Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed.]." The programs run fine (Firefox, Outlook, Palm Desktop) but if I try to restart the programs using Process Explorer I get an error message saying that no path to the executable exists.

The behavior above is on my work computer, but the same thing happens on my home computer. Both are Win XP Pro, SP3, and have all up to date patches. The work computer has Windows Firewall disabled (IT is providing the firewall function using Group Policy), and my home computer has Windows Firewall enabled, so enabled/disabled does not make a difference (verified by disabling the firewall on the home computer).

My initial guess is that this is some sort of sandbox running, but I do not have any sandbox installed on either computer. Maybe one or more XP updates are doing this as a protective "security measure."

I want to understand what is going on, and also have the ability to enable or disable this behavior for individual programs.

Any Ideas?