I am using Office 2010 on a Windows 7 64bt operating system. I am trying to insert a swf movie into a presentation and continually get asked to download the latest flash player from adobe. Sometimes this asks for the latest version for internet explorer to be downloaded and other times it just says to install it. Flash player is definitely installed and running.

This message appears if I try using the button on the ribbon "embed flash" or if I use insert video and (which it inserts) and attempt to play it. The same message does not appear however if I insert a swf file via the "add ins" tab on the ribbon and use the small flash button/icon there. This method installs the swf file and will play it while viewing the slideshow but with this method, I get no options to control for the inserted movie such as click to play etc.

I have been searching everywhere on the internet to for a solution but have so far come up empty.

Please, does anyone have a solution?