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    Linking one worksheet to another (Office 97 Pro SR2)

    I have a workbook with 4 worksheets. I need to create a composite worksheet that contains all the sheets. The sheets must be linked so I only need to update the master sheet. I have been able to accomplish this with 3 of the 4 sheets by using the "Paste Picture Link". The 4th sheet gives me an error that "The picture is too large and will be truncated". Is there any other way I can link this data to the master worksheet. A copy of the worksheet can be created, but I don't know how to create the link for the large sheet.

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    Re: Linking one worksheet to another (Office 97 Pro SR2)


    To link a cell in a mater sheet to a cell in another sheet all you need to do is go to that other sheet and in the cell you want to link put the formula there.

    example: if I want to link cell A1 on the master sheet to cell B1 on my Sheet1 I go to sheet1 in and in B1 I will have the formula =Master!A1

    This is the basic idea of linking. if I change Cell A1 on Master cell B1 on Sheet1 will change once I calculate the sheet, or automatically if calculation is set to Automatic.


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