I am working on moving an organization from a very old server 2003 to a new server 2012. This is a very small group, single server, less than 5 users, typically only 2 at any given time. They have been a long time user of remote desktop with no applications installed on the local workstations and they like it that way. I am mostly retired now and do not keep up with all the latest education, but with only MS office, an accounting program, web, and email to run it is a pretty simple setup. We do not use active directory. I have users setup and can access the server and applications from within the office using remote desktop. But I am having issues with accessing the server from outside the office, ie. from a home location. We can access the old server fine. I switch port forwarding to go to the new server ip address and we can not connect. I can not install adobe reader due to security defaults, I cannot install java due to security constraints. All my issues seem to be with enhanced security. I have turned off or down every security restriction I can find and still have problems. Anyone know of a nice cookbook that can walk me thru reducing the security issues on the server so that I can get everything converted for production. To access the new server from my home at the moment I use RDP to connect to the old server, then use RDP from the old server to the new server. What a pain. As usual MS totally ignores all the really small businesses who use only a single server and continues to publish white papers and other documentation talking about multiple server environments. If you can point me to some good info sources it would be much appreciated.