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    SBS2011-- new to servers, confused

    2 of us have a home online business and we're on ATT U-verse. I'm installing SBS on a spare computer, and the 2-Wire VDSL router/switch we're forced to use by ATT does not allow DHCP to be disabled so I can keep a single subnet. From what I can find out (and from fiddling with it a little) I have to run it behind a 2nd router, which I have. It looks like I have to use 2 subnets, one for each, because of the DCHP issue; from what I can see the server MUST be the DHCP provider for anything on that router, which is connected thru a sort of DMZ on the 2-Wire so it does have internet access, just doesn't see the other network. Several home computers are on the 2-Wire and I want run run the 3 business comps off the server so we can use Exchange (the main point of all this). The home computers don't need to be on the server, but 2 are wireless and the server's router is not, otherwise I could run them all off that network. I want to be able to have some of the comps on both routers see each other so I can do things on the server (such as the company development website on the 3rd comp and work on it from any of the wireless computers if I need to). We're using Eudora at the moment but want to go with Outlook/Exchange so we can have email folders for orders, CRM, etc, shared between us, hence the SBS2011. At the moment we can't do this and it's a big hassle. I've spent a week scouring the net and can't find any concrete answers on how I should set this up. Rather than bug the forum forever, does anyone know of a GOOD book on all this? I got one from Amazon that's specific to the SBS2011 but doesn't much touch on this router/DHCP issue at all. I'd rather not buy every book on Amazon to try and find these basic answers. I have a basic understanding with networking our comps, been doing that for a few years for sharing files, but only as applies to a single router & subnet. This is driving me to Luddite-ism... maybe I should just get another wireless router for the server & be done with it; there are a few inexpensive ones on Newegg. My first experience with servers.....
    Thanks in advance!

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    There are several alternatives.
    1. Use an Exchange compatible email server and let the ATT router do the work.
    2. Use a different email server and let the ATT router do the work.
    3. Buy a broadband router and sit it behind the ATT router. Turn off DHCP on the new router and let SBS do the work. This is the best option if you have bought SBS.
    Either way you have some manual configuration ahead of you.

    cheers, Paul

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