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    Scanner software

    When looking for the subject of Scanner Software here, there are only 4 and not real applicable. When I google Scanner Software it returns over 6.5 million. A lot of them are for major companies and major pricing. I have what is really a small scanning job in terms of complexity and I'm finding software in the thousands of bucks plus large per seat prices. I can see the need for them, but they aren't for the small user. I've sent out some requests with a short want list and the field is mighty small to non-existent. I don't have the time to write my own or the software needed. Comparisons of scanner software don't exist.
    The following is a short description of what I need the scanner software to do:
    I'm a home user and I've got a genealogy scan project to do. It's 20,000 to 30,000 pages handwritten between 1900 to 1955. Then copied on a copy machine because the paper was getting very old by 1980-1982. It's 8.5" by 11" standard paper some pages only partially filled, many completely filled.

    Each page has a description that needs to be indexed, manually entered and no way to pick this up automagically. Description is non-unique. Many pages could have the same description. Some pages will have a blank description and there should not be a description entry for that page. Description will point to the page number of the page where the description comes from.

    Each page has a page number written in random locations somewhere on the page. Enter manually. Page number could be incremented by 1 automagically and allow me to override the calculated page number. Page numbers would be 5 digits and then an optional addendum single character.

    Need to have software scan a page. Enter description if any and page number which will be unique. Both description and page number need to be displayed near the bottom of the page. The description is so that a user can enter a description and go to the first page with that description. Allow for re-scan, cropping and positioning, would be nice if there was a way to lighten background and intensify everything else. Need to be able to erase. Also allow manual entry in any area where I draw a text box. Then have a completed button and then buttons to scan next or to edit a specified page and permit additional editing/entry. When complete then scan in next document. I don't see any need for OCR.

    Then I need a search and display with the user entering a description or page number or have a button to go to the next/previous page or next/previous item in the description index. And I would need an update option where I could add a new page and/or make corrections on a given page or even re-scan a page and have it replace the existing page of the same number.

    If I had VB and a lot of time, I'd probably write a program myself. Over the years I've written many programs just like this one only input was not a scanner. This project will not result in a product that would be useful or for sale to others. I've spent many hours in Google trying to find the software I need and find a lot of sites selling scanners and a lot of sites selling very fancy software with a 4-figure price per seat and additional fees. Even PCMagazine doesn't have a comparison of Scanner Software, but they do have excellent articles about scanners and excellent comparisons of everything else in the electronics world.

    So do our fellow loungers know of any Scanner Software? It could be freeware, shareware or commercial. But it has to be inexpensive.

    Thank you all!

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    Partner, I moved this thread to this Forum as it is the better forum for others to see and reply to your issue than the Forum Feedback, Questions, and Announcements Forum, which is primarily for questions about the Lounge Forums.

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    I'm not sure there is any scanning software that has your requirements, which sound pretty unique. If I understand what you are trying to do, its more of a workflow issue than that of software, but the right software would facilitate the workflow. If that's the case I see a two part solution. What's the desired output format? PDF, TIFF, JPG? If you are outputting to an image file type (TIFF or JPG would be the recommened), you could scan with something like VueScan, which does allow you to set batch naming to help with the first step. Then organize them with a good directory structure scheme. You can then manage and annotate the files IPTC description fields with something like ACDSee Pro, which is made for doing this sort of thing with large numbers of image files.
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