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    Postcode / Address Verification


    We are looking to integrate address verification into our database as were reguarly creating new records of clients information (approx 50 per week).

    In order to stop mis-spelt addresses, etc we can to lookup an address based upon a postcode.

    I appreciate there are additional costs for us as a business for this service, but wondering if anyone already has experience of this with Access?
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    You would be much better off in my oppinion to look for some unique identifier such as a phone number. There can be so many different misspellings of addresses and names that even using a postcode would make it difficult. I do this all the time when setting up new records. Just use the before update event of the data box and dlookup to check if a record already exists with that information. If it does i display message. Something like below.
    Private Sub MCTCID_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
    Dim varX As Variant
    Dim stMCTCID As String
    stMCTCID = Me![MCTCID]
    varX = DLookup("[MCTCID]", "tblDemoTrack", "[MCTCID] = '" & stMCTCID & "'")
    If IsNull(varX) Then
    'no duplicates, do nothing
    'display your message box
    If MsgBox("Attention! A record already exists for this Student ID! Click NO Then Search for Existing record. The student may be Inactive. Check Show All on the main menu to view all records. If you still wish to Change This Record click Yes!", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, _
    "Duplicate Entry") = vbNo Then
    End If
    End If
    End Sub
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    If I understand your question fully, I believe you are wanting to do address validation. There are several products that can be used with Access and United States addresses, and I've had some experience with them. I have not had experience with United Kingdom addresses, but it appears there are several companies that do have address validation solutions. Check with some of the firms listed on The Royal Mail website.

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