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    How to delete Dropbox files from Android mobile?

    Hi Folks I,m a newbie both with Android and Dropbox. I'm using win7 and Samsung mini mobile
    Dropbox is already installed when I got my new mobile. I installed Dropbox on my Laptop.
    I dropped one test file from my laptop to my mobile. The transfer took many minutes, when the transfer completed I found 30 files had transferred to my mobile?
    I am unable to delete any files (all jpg) from my mobile, I can see a delete button, If I click the delete button I get no file selected if I select a file the delete button can not be seen?
    The 1 file I wanted transferred to my mobile is in Jimmy > Dropbox > Public. The unwanted files are in Jimmy > Pictures > Wedding.
    I have tried:
    1 removing the memory card from my mobile and using my laptop to delete the unwanted files but they can not be seen?
    2 on replacing the memory card into my mobile the unwanted files are shown as broken links and were once more D/L to my mobile and the broken links repaired. <lol>
    Any one know how do I delete the unwanted files from mr Samsung?
    No one is in at Dropbox support
    Thank you in advance.
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    When you view the DropBox content on your mobile device, the files are not really on the device. What you are seeing is a listing of the files on the DropBox service. Only if you select a file in the DropBox app on your mobile device, and then choose to "Export" the file, does it get copied to your mobiledevice. Also, if you open the file it will be copied to the device, but I think that is only to a temporary location.

    This behavior is different from how DropBox behaves on PCs where is syncs all files across the DropBox server and the PCs.

    If you want to get rid of the files that you don't want, open the DropBox folder on your PC and delete them from there. Though you should also be able to do the same within the DropBox app on your mobile device - press and hold the file until the popup menu appears and select Delete.

    As to why those extra files appeared, I have no idea. Either DropBox goofed and you see someone else's pictures or someone shared their pictures with you.

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    It sounds like either Dropbox's default folder is the one with all the photo's, or you copied a whole folder instead of just a file.
    Only a guess though!

    Try moving the default folder location to an empty folder on your PC.
    You can also log in to the Dropbox website, and inspect all the shared files and folders - including backups and previous versions - and do housekeeping from there.

    Their 'versioning' facility (it saves online backups of changed files) has rescued me once when my Outlook PC died.

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    Dropbox automatically uploads your Android photos to your Dropbox account

    Dropbox automatically uploads your Android photos to your Dropbox account

    Quote Originally Posted by Rubyjim View Post
    (Thu 19 Jan 2012 21:18 GMT)
    when the transfer completed I found 30 files had transferred to my mobile
    What happened to you looks symmetrical to what happened to me: I have a Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 (Samsung, PhoneArena), with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. When I installed Dropbox on it, Dropbox by default automatically synced not only the files in my PCs' Dropboxes , but also the photos on my Galaxy, that got added in a new "Dropbox\Camera Uploads" on my PCs.

    Another issue is that when on my main PC I copied a 1.5GB .m2ts file (a one-hour HD video) to my PC Dropbox, of course it got synced (in ~12 hours, which made me first think it failed) on all my Dropbox devices, including the Galaxy, and of course I can't delete it from that Galaxy, or it would get deleted elsewhere.

    I had planned to share a Dropbox folder containing that file (and 30 smaller ones) with family members, but if just one member moves it (instead of copies it) to another folder in his PC, then the rest of the family will get unable to download it (unless I bother them with the instructions how to visit deleted files etc, which of course is totally unacceptable here). I found another service that does serve me efficiently for sharing big files: WeTransfer (don't be afraid by the site entirely in Flash, the rest remains light, straight, fast, simple).

    In addition it seems that, on Android at least, you can't delete your Dropbox account the usual way.

    In the whole, I found Dropbox to be a toy, amusing for a while but too little versatile and too risky, thus not useful at any real task, no matter work or entertainment. Finally I am Dropping Dropbox

    Versailles, Mon 26 Nov 2012 14:34:00 +0100

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