For years, I have used Magic Jack with 4 machines running XP home or XP Pro (32 bit) Sp2 and Sp3. It has worked great even while traveling except for a very few times.

I have a relative new Win 7 64 bit Desk Top machine and MJ simply does not work. The 64 bit machine with Intel I5 3.10GHz and 8 GB ram and Asus motherboard.

I can plug in the MJ unit and it will boot up and display the dial pad and even show my calls. Using my headset as I do on the XP machines, I do NOT hear dialing as I key in a phone number. I called my cell to test and the cell will ring showing my MJ number as the calling number.

Absolutely no sound can be hear one either side (computer headset or cell). I tried with just the computer speakers and a stand alone mic and same problem. I am using the Front USB, Mic, and earphone ports on my desktop.

We also have a Asus Laptop in Win 7 64 bit machine. Same problem with that machine as the desk top.

So as much as I hate the CS at MJ (seldom get someone that Can or Will Read the problem described in the chat window OR WRITE in some intelligible structured English sentence), I started the chat session (only way I have ever found to contact anyone at MJ).

Over 3 hours later (I make notes of time as I go) (MJ chat used to show a time stamp on the chat, but evidently, that produced tooooo much negative evidence so it no longer does, you must make notes), nothing was accomplished EXCEPT:

CS continued to say MJ works with Win 7 machines, BUT Would not put in writing the 64 bit machines, just Win 7.
Uninstalling and Installing several things.
Disabling and Enabling several ports and other things from the Devise Manager.
Having me download DivX converters and another program (which caused my Avast to alert).
Several other useless things including the CS telling me that Firewalls and Anti Virus programs should be disabled. I will NEVER disable these for ANY Software.

Any ways, after Three hours plus, I was totally frustrated and disconnected from chat.

NOW, Does anyone know for sure that MJ works with Win 7 64 bit machines and/or how to find out why OUR machines do not allow me to hear dialing and not be able to speak to anyone when the call completes?

My speakers work, my headset works, my mic works. I have used all these on other computer and on the Desktop for things other than MJ.
My desktop is running via Ethernet cable and my laptops are WiFi, both the XP and Win 7 laptops.

Thanks in advance for any help coming my way.