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    Home network and a separate internet connection

    Hi all

    I have recently gone from a satellite broadband connection which I had set up through a home network, to using a Sierra Wireless Aircard 753S on the Australian Telstra 3G network. After some issues with the aircard as discribed in a previous post it is now up and running great.

    Under my previous set up (Satellite internet through a Netgear Wireless G router - WGR614) I had a desktop with Windows XP (just upgraded to Win 7 pro), 2 laptops with Win 7 (with one dual booting with Linux Mint 12), XBox 360 and a Digital TV Tuner (DXTreme) connected in a network.

    My question is:
    Now I have internet through a hotspot Sierra wireless aircard (meaning the desktop and laptops connect direct to it) can I still have a home network running on all the equipment, not to access the interenet but for file sharing etc or is this something that could have conflicts etc.

    I'm thinking along these lines because it appears I am unable to use the aircard with a router to have a network that way.

    Look forward to your comments/suggestions

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    As it's wireless only you either need everything wireless or a box to convert to wired. Either use a PC with wireless and wired cards installed or
    a commercial box

    cheers, Paul

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