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    Combining same data from worksheet 1 to worksheet 2

    Hi guys;

    I need help and expertise. I am working on aproject inventory
    Worksheet 1 contains item#, bin location, and qty
    Worksheet2 contains a master list of my warehouse inventory.

    Now I would like to combine itemAAA55 loacted in different row onto worksheet 2 on the row containing AAA55. How can I combine/append this the easiest way?
    Can I do auto combining?
    Per say I move AAA55 from 1 row to another row in worsheet 1, I want worksheet2 to reflect the change made to worksheet 1.

    Should I use VB or append funtion?
    Can someone give me a formulae to use?

    Thank you

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    You can use the function VLOOKUP to get details from your master list. Without an example spreadsheet, or a bit more information about exactly how you want to combine data, it's difficult to be more precise.

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