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    Removing shortcut icons from Public Desktop

    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I am in the habit of running as a limited user and whenever installing software using the 'Run as Administrator' option. I have separate folders on the desktop containing related types of programs e.g. Applications, Security, Utilities etc.

    Within the last week I have noticed that I am unable to transfer a recently installed icon to a folder to a folder in either the limited user or administrator desktops. Windows update installed four security updates on 12 January 2012 = KB2584146, KB2585542, KB2631813 and KB2644615 shortly before I noticed the problem.

    I drag the icon to the folder, respond to the 'provide administrator permission' prompt, if needed, but the icon will not move.

    I logged on as Administrator and found that I could still not move, delete or copy the icons.

    Using WIndows Explorer with 'show hidden files' enabled I found there was a copy of the shortcut icon in a folder called 'Public Desktop' in a folder called C:\Users\Public\Desktop containing only the offending shortcuts. Using the Administrator account I can edit these permissions but they do not change after saving.

    Can anyone explain why the change has occurred?

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    If you turn on the "attributes" column in explorer, you should see that all the directories in the Public directory are Read-Only.
    I don't know when or why. The name "Public" sounds like it should be more open than that.

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