I have a problem (with a new PC (Win 7 64bit)and version of outlook) doing something I have log done as part of my housekeeping routines.

What I used to do is physically copy a .pst file in native windows and give it a year related name. open this file in outlook, change its name for clarity and then do an unqualified search. This would retrieve all the messages. Sort this by date, and then delete any messages outside the date range I wanted. This left the right messages in place and retained the folder structure. On close that file is saved with the desired messages. With that done, I open the "current" file and remove the same range of dates from it. Never had a problem doing this.

This time, with the "current" file closed, when I bring in the copied .pst file it shows the full folder structure and all the messages safely stored. BUT, when I do a search it returns either 0 or a very few recent messages. I cannot therefore do my sort/delete routine. Close the copied file, open the current file and that searches properly.

The only thing I can think of is the indexing process. Can anyone else give me a clue?

Mike C