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    can't add email acct to thunderbird. will send but not recieve mail

    hi all

    can anyone help: cant add a 3rd email acct to thunderbird 7.0.1. my isp wont touch thunderbird . it works on the TalkTalk [my isp] webmail

    the other 2 mail accounts are ok , but they use the domain, the one in question uses the newer [same isp] domain, customer support says this is not a problem
    using xp

    i can send from this acct but not receive. error msg says: Sending of username did not succeed. Mail server responded: Authentication failed

    thanks mark

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    Try using the whole email address as the "username" not just the part left of @.
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    perfect. thanks very much.....u can have the managers job at the NEW customer support call centre in India if u like ....I'm blowing up the old one as they've just been messing me for last 2 weeks.

    and i only posted this 5 mins ago


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