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    MS Word 2003 - need VBA FileName time-stamp help


    I am macro beginner and digging with this macro since last few days. I would really appreciate any help.

    The macro is working absolutely fine but the "Filename" with different time stamp causing issue when it come to delete the old version.

    Attached word file has three buttons:

    1)First button labeled, “Create” simply create a checklist as version 1 with current date and time as file name and SaveAs the file to “Temp Folder”
    2)Second button labeled, “Modify File” perform two jobs:
    • SaveAs the same checklist from step one as version 2 with current date and time as file name to the same folder as in step 1 (i.e. “Temp Folder”). It works fine.

    • Delete old file meaning delete version 1 which was created in step one. And this is causing a issue, error message pop up stating “File not found” because for example; if I perform 1st step now the file will SaveAs as “TempJan_27_2012_A.Team_Day01_00_12_PM Rev1” then I perform 2nd step the file will SaveAs as “TempJan_27_2012_A.Team_Day01_05_10_PM Rev2” and looking for “TempJan_27_2012_A.Team_Day01_05_10_PM Rev1” to delete instead of“TempJan_27_2012_A.Team_Day01_00_12_PM Rev1”

    3)Third button labeled, “Final Save” (I have not work on it yet) will do the basically same jobs as second button but will SaveAs the file to “Completed folder” and will delete version 2 (which is created in step 2) from “temp folder.”

    Can some one please help me? I know if I will keep something else as a file name instead of current date and time it will solve my problem but I can’t keep anything else than the current time and date. Any solution? Any alternate way to meet my goal? A waiting for someone reply!!!

    Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome as a new poster.

    Here's a couple of things I noticed.
    sPath = "P:\M's DOC\Rounds\Temp Rounds/Temp"
    Should Be:
    sPath = "P:\M's DOC\Rounds\Temp Rounds\Temp\"

    There are 2 other places you make this same least you're consistent.

    The lack of the final "\" is why your Kill & Save statements do not work because the filename is concatenated directly on the path name w/o the separator.
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    Thanks for your reply. I tired it but didn't help.

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    File SaveAs with Current Date/Time

    I have a code that SaveAs the word file with current date and time stamp. It works perfect. However I want to change my code which let the user to modify that same file later on and also let re-save with current date and time. I would appreciate any help as I am not at all good with the VBA. Thank you!

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
      Dim sFileName As String
        Dim sPath As String
        CommandButton1.Enabled = False
        sFileName = Format(DateValue(Now()), "mmm_dd_yyyy") & "_" & Team.Value & "_" & Shift.Value & _
        Format(TimeSerial(Hour(Now()), Minute(Now()), Second(Now())), "hh_mm_ss_AM/PM")
        If Len(Dir("\\P:\M's DOC\Rounds\Completed Rounds\" & Format(DateValue(Now()), "mmm_yyyy"), vbDirectory)) = 0 Then
            MkDir "\\P:\M's DOC\Rounds\Completed Rounds\" & Format(DateValue(Now()), "mmm_yyyy")
        End If
        sPath = "\\P:\M's DOC\Rounds\Completed Rounds\" & Format(DateValue(Now()), "mmm_yyyy")
        sFileName = sFileName & ".doc"
        ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName:=sPath & "\" & sFileName, FileFormat:=xlNormal, ReadOnlyRecommended:=False
        MsgBox "Checklist has been saved"
        ThisDocument.Close SaveChanges:=False
    End Sub

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