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    normal template for Word:mac 2011

    I am not sure if I can post a Word:MAC 2011 request here.
    Please redirect me if appropriate.
    I have installed Office:Mac 2011 into an imac with Lion OS and I want to change the default margin settings in normal.dotm.
    (I am told that 'normal' now ends with a .dotm) Searching only produces .dot files and every time I attempt to open that file, I end up with a documentx.doc file.

    I installed the same software on an older macpro with Snow Leopard OS and could not find any files with .dot or .dotm using the Finder Search utility.
    Can anyone indicate what the correct file name is and where it should be?
    Is there some special way to open a template file on a mac?
    Thank you

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    If you go to Word > Preferences > File Locations, it indicates that the User templates location should be:

    Mcintosh HD:Users:<username>:Library:Application Support:Microsoft:User:Office Templates

    - do you see anything in that location?


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