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    Office 2000 (SR-2)

    Recently while installing Office 200 on a laptop at work I found that it was increasing the size of several fonts - one of them has reached 25meg in size.

    This can't be right!

    The fonts in question are:

    Arialuni.ttf - the 25meg font!
    Batang.ttf - 14meg
    Simsun.tff - 10meg
    Msmincho.ttf - 8meg
    Pmingliu.ttf - 8meg

    This seems a bit too high I am wondering if I can delete these files? Is it a bug? Anyone else found this problem?

    It seems common on all of the installs to date?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Office 2000 (SR-2)

    I was staggered to discover similar sizes in my own font directory !

    A quick search threw up this:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Q287247</A> WD2002: General Information About the Arial Unicode MS Font

    Although it refers to WD2002, the following excerpt may still be applicable:

    <img src=/w3timages/whiteline.gif width=33% height=2>

    Why is the file size of the Arial Unicode MS font so large?

    The file size of the Arial Unicode MS font is 22 MB because it is a complete Unicode font. It contains all the characters in Arial plus full fonts for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Hebrew, plus all of the different symbol characters and character ranges.

    Unicode is divided into numeric ranges of similar characters. (A numeric range is a range of numerical values that are available for encoding characters.) For example, all of the Cyrillic characters are located in the same numeric range. The following ranges are included in the Arial Unicode MS font.

    <img src=/w3timages/whiteline.gif width=33% height=2>

    Edited later to add:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Q195708</A> List of Default Fonts Included in Windows 98
    may also be of interest.


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