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Thread: USB Ports

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    USB Ports

    About 6 months ago, I started to get an intermittant message about a UBS Port not working.I figured it was a port on the front of the computer, and used the other front port. Then I got another message there was a bad USB Port and it seemed to be at the back of the computer. So I added a multi-port splitter.

    Now it gets serious! My Pandora and Acu-radio volume stopped working today! As did my cd/dvd volume. And I am getting a message that the speakers are unplugged and a message about the USB Port not working. I checked the connections at the speakers and the manual volume control.

    No tunes while I work, I have to fix this USB thing. Is there a reliable way to troubleshoot the USB ports and can they be replaced? Or should I just get another computer?
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    How old is your computer and what operating system?
    Take a close look at the hardware section of the event viewer for more info on those errors.
    type "eventvwr.msc" in the run or search box without the quotes.
    You might also wnat to check and see if your computer has an update for your chipset. This can be done by going to the manufacturers
    site and imputing your make and model number, but you should attempt to rule out a hardware cause first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireman View Post
    About 6 months ago, I started to get an intermittant message about a UBS Port not working.
    Hello...I would check your power supply It might not be delivering enough (5V@500ma),or is can use this free program Hardware Monitor to check on your voltages .... Doesn't make sense that two USB ports would "go", close to the same time. Regards Fred

    PS: try to connect something to the offending USB and watch the voltage's
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