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    How to restore without booting?

    The System Volume on my VISTA hard drive (single HD Laptop) became corrupted during a chkdsk operation. I can see Partition D (data) using a WIN 7 repair CD but C partition is unreadable. Have been unable to boot or repair using amateur troubleshooting. The restore disk I’m using (Win 7) does give me a command prompt but won’t Change Directory to C: I think one view of the repair options (Load Drivers) is letting me see files on C partition so many of them must be OK, even though it won’t boot.

    Ironically, I have a Windows Vista auto backup (can’t tell if it includes an image) on an external USB drive, but can’t get the backup program running on the laptop! There should be a Norton Suite orchestrated backup on the laptop itself somewhere, but of course Norton can’t start either!

    1) How can I use these backups to restore the laptop drive? I have a desktop & USB jumper/transfer cable.

    2) Can I use the purchased Win 7 Upgrade (Home Premium) disk on this machine letting the install program save any files it could to an external USB drive before formatting for Win 7?
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    If you have a "backup and restore" disk from the vista installation you should be able to access the image based backup on the external drive, if you have made one.
    I don't believe a Windows 7 restore disk will do much good with a vista installation. If you know someone with the same flavor of Vista that you have, you can have them make a restore disk for you, And use it to access your vista image...if you have previously made one.

    What you could also try to do is to create a bootable dos disk and re-run the check disk, this time use the "R" switch.It will take awhile depending upon your HDD size, but you might be able to repair.
    If not you could also use the same bootable dos disk, or Vista repair disk to affect a MBR repair.

    Visit "" and see if you can download something.
    Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download (NeoSmart)
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