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    FTP Folder

    How do I create a folder that has a ftp site as its target. I did it several years ago but forgot how now. I used it the upload a file to our web site simply by dragging a file to the folder.

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    Gene, Welcome to the Lounge. It's always nice hearing from new members.

    Try this: Right click on the desktop and choose New, Shortcut. In the box, paste a copy of the web page URL, choose next and name it whatever you like. I am not sure this will work, but if not perhaps choosing folder would.
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    I don't think a folder can have a remote target without some additional software, but it depends which version of Windows you're talking about.

    Windows 98/ME/2000 had an FTP Folder add-on that came with IE5: How to Install and Use FTP Folders

    SyncBack Freeware can apparently provide a remote FTP folder feature.


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    You can sort of do this a couple of ways:

    1 Open windows explorer (not internet explorer), and in the address box at the top click the icon at the left, which will cause "libraries" (under Win 7) to be highlighted. Type over and replace that "address" with:
    ftp://<FTP Server Address>/folder/subfolder, where FTP server address is either the IP address or the URL of the FTP server and folder/subfolder is the path to the folder on the FTP server that you want to open, or none if you want to start at the root.

    You should then be prompted for the login information for the FTP server. Fill it in and you will be given the usual windows explorer file-and-folders display of the contents of the FTP server.

    Now open another instance of windows explorer to browse your local files and folders and place the two side by side. Then you can drag and drop things back and forth between the two.

    2. Alternatively, you can create a shortcut either on your desktop or in another folder. In the create shortcut wizard, when it asks for the location of the item, put that same ftp:// ... string. This will create a shortcut which when activated will open your default web browser in FTP mode and allow you to access the FTP site there.

    IMHOP option 1 is a lot more useful than 2 unless you are used to doing FTP via your web browser.

    However, if you do a lot of FTP work, using a true FTP client (I use Filezilla) is really much better because you can save your connection info there and login with one click. Plus performance is much better, especially if transferring a lot of data. It also gives you a side-by side file and folder display all in one window as well as meaningful logs and progress indicators.


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    You can't have a local folder that is an external machine / FTP site. You can have a shortcut that points to an external site, or you can have a local folder that is synchronized with an external site.

    cheers Paul

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    Just a little personal experience, based on information given me by my own Webmaster and Computer Guru.

    I have "FileZilla" (already mentioned) and I have a folder on my own PC that contains everything that's also on my Web Site.
    If I want to add something, like a new file, to my site, I first put it in my WebPage folder on my own PC and then I run FileZilla to upload that file to my Web server.
    If I want to change something on my Web-Page, like wording, graphics, etc., I do the change to the index.html file on my PC, usually with 'Front Page' and then I upload that revised file to my web site server.
    It's a neat, clean 1,2,3 process that just WORKS and never fails.

    Did I mention,,,,,, FileZilla is FREE and they do provide frequent updates to the program.

    Good Luck!

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