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    paragon alignment tool

    Have just recently bought paragon alignment tool to align my SSD as i did a restore from an image from a HDD which meant as I had not done a proper install of win 7 the drive was not aligned. Apart from a few problems paragon aligned my SSD OK. But it also aligned my standard external HDDs. I can't understand why this would be necessary on a standard HDD as I thought a De-fragmentation run would do all that is necessary to get good performance and they do not suffer from the wear factor SSDs do.
    Does anyone know what if anything re-alignment of HDD achieves?

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    A logical data sector of a SSD must be aligned to the physical page in the flash memory. If a logical sector is split across a page boundary two page writes will be needed to write one logical sector, resulting in increased wear.

    There are no physical pages on a hard disk, so it cannot align sectors to pages. However, it may be attempting to align the partitions of the hard drive.

    Prior to Vista, partitions were aligned to a 63-sector offset reported by the hard drive controller.

    On almost all but the highest spec residential systems this will make little significant difference. On the other hand, it does make a real difference if the system employs a RAID array.

    On systems from Vista onward, any new partitions created will be correctly aligned, but pre-existing partitions will not. Therefore, it is possible the tool was attempting to align the partitions to overcome the 63-sector offset. Whether it actually moved any data depends on whether the partitions were created in Vista, Win 7, etc, or if they were created under XP etc.
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