I originally posted this message in the Sony VAIO Forum but got nowhere. If there is another section in the Lounge where this post should go, please let me know.

I've owned a Sony VAIO VPCL22SFX/W for a few months now & no one has been able to address this with the exception of an 'anecdote' by one L2 support tech.

My system relies on the Realtek HD Audio driver & controller for sound. However, there is one very crucial element missing from my system. That is the Realtek HD Audio Manager that provides full control panel setup & configuration for sound I/O on any system that uses Realtek's drivers, etc.

The L2 tech told me that Sony was aware of the situation & were working on it, but that was over 3 months ago.

Have other users here who own VAIO desktop PCs or other brands have this problem as well? If so (Sony-specific), how do you fully utilize the advertised "•Sound System : Intel® High Definition Audio with S-FORCE™ Front Surround 3D and Dolby® Home Theater® Technology v4" components? Unless I've totally missed the boat my only resource is the standard Windows Sound interface via CP, which for HD, etc. is useless?


PS: I'm running Win7 HP.