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    WordPerfect - how to format table grids

    I'm a WordPerfect dedicated user X5. When I am working with tables, I want a default setting of no borders/lines around the table and cells. I haven't found a way to set this. I thought that I was able to do this in earlier versions. In X5, each time, I have to use table format for the left, top, bottom and right of cells, which is tedious and not very efficient.

    If anyone knows the secret, I'd appreciate your sharing.

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    Hooray! Another WordPerfect user out there! I love this program - have been using it since Ver 5.1 for DOS. Too bad they dropped the ball when Windows came out.

    I have version X3 which allows for Table Styles. You can create a Table Style with no lines around the table or the cells and use it for each table you create. Presumably you could also set other defaults like type font, size, number format, etc.

    I found this by clicking Help in the Create Table dialog.

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