This comes from a UK website, Viglen, but I haven't been able to track it down. Of course the groupings relate directly to the UK school system. It could have been put in several forums, but this is the most general!

Changes to availability of Microsoft student/staff products

Microsoft has recently announced world-wide changes to the availability of its products to Students and Academic Staff. With effect from 31st March 2012 the following Student/Staff editions of its products will be discontinued:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
Microsoft Office Mac Standard 2011
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade
Microsoft Expression Studio Web Professional

This applies to both digital download and physical DVD versions of the above products.

Options for HE/FE - Microsoft Office
From 1st April 2012, there will be a single Windows version and a single Macintosh version of Microsoft Office, available by Digital Download to Students, Staff & Faculty in Further and Higher Education only. We have been advised that pricing will be higher than that currently available for the Office Professional Plus 2010 & Office Mac Standard 2011 products on this site.

Options for Primary/Secondary - Microsoft Office
For students in Primary & Secondary institutions, the only options available will be to purchase Office for Home & Student (both in Windows & Mac versions). These products are more expensive but do provide you with the ability to install the software on up to 3 devices in the same household. At this time, the Home and Student products are only available in physical DVD format. Should they become available as digital downloads from Microsoft, we will obviously make these available on the Viglen Student Portal at the earliest opportunity.

Options for All Students - Windows 7 & Expression Web
For all Students (Primary through to Higher Education), there will be NO discounted versions of Windows 7 upgrades (Professional or Ultimate), nor Expression Studio Web Pro.