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    Arrow WLM 2011 won't display message that had PDF attached

    Open an email with pdf attached, and the message to me within the email body is not visible. Highlighting it does not make it visible.

    Received a forwarded message. Sender 1 used a Mac to send a brief email message with PDF attached to a second Mac user. The second Mac user, using Apple Mail, forwarded it on to me but typed a couple of words of instruction to me into the forwarded draft before sending it on to me.

    I received the mail at a MobileMe address - a address. This is a temporary address I've set up while I work out issues with using WLM and it enables me to get some important work related mail.

    The mail comes in to an Apple server which provides IMAP mail. It then is sent on to my WLM 2011 email client (program) on my computer.

    When I received this particular mail, I opened it and saw a PDF was attached. No problem opening the attached PDF in Adobe Reader - just double clicked the attachment and it opened.

    The problem was that the words the sender typed to me, which were instructions on something he wanted me to do with the pdf, did not show up.

    I saw the subject line of the email, I saw there was a pdf attached, and below that, there was nothing. Just blank.

    If I clicked REPLY the email that had been sent to me showed up in the reply message but what the person had typed was garbled.

    I could not type into the reply. Nothing happened although the cursor sat and blinked.

    If I attempted to highlight the contents of the mail, it crashed the entire mail program. Repeatedly.

    If I converted the reply to plain text, then what he'd typed to me was not garbled.

    If I went to Properties on the original mail he sent me and viewed the full contents that way, what he had typed was visible.

    This seems to be some sort of display problem.

    This happened on each of the emails which he sent with a PDF attached. He has sent me other emails with no attachments from the same email address using same computer and this problem has not existed. I can receive emails sent from other people's Macs to my temporary address and they open and read just fine.

    Anyone have any ideas? The reason I care about this is that I had no idea he'd even typed a message asking me to do something and this was work related - obviously, not something I want to miss. And not being able to reply to his mail is weird and having the program crash if I highlight the mail is also weird.

    Thank you
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