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    offered via windows austomatic update a program that i already have (IE8)

    Query - install or ignore?

    I am running Windows XP Pro SP3
    I am, today, offered via windows automatic update, IE8 with he following note

    Internet Explorer 8 for XP.

    Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version of the familiar Web browser that you are most comfortable using. Internet Explorer 8 helps you get everything that you want from the Web faster, easier, and more privately and securely than ever. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.
    More information for this update can be found at

    of concern because
    1. - I already have Internet Explorer 8 installed - (8.0.6001.18702 to be precise)
    2. - the link offered is broken ( and redirect to a microsoft search page australia windows winvista

    when i go to windows update on the web i am offered the same thing, with a note (in a popup) after you click details on how to uninstall windows explorer 8, (why?? i thought i was being told to install ie8??)
    a further note on how to get support ( which goes to a microsoft page which makes no sense at all to me (a broken link apparently) - but you do get the option to answer yes/no to "was this page usefull")
    and the original broken link again! (

    If Microsoft themselves cannot tell me what is going on then I am definately not game to take the risk and install whatever the devil this thing actually is...

    Help and Advice please...

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    Welcome to the Lounge.

    If you do have IE8, it must be Microsoft's mistake. I would not accept the update and simply hide it (right click to have the option to do so).

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