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Thread: 2010 Quirk?

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    2010 Quirk?

    I just opened a couple of documents, to try something out, for the 1st time in 2010 {created in 2003}. For some reason the Title Page and TOC showed up in the TOC where they did not in 2003 as intended. I managed to get it fixed by applying the Normal style to both the Word Art on the title page ad the Table of Contents heading then re-centering it and applying the proper font. So why did 2010 decide to include these items in the TOC when they were not there in 2003?

    FYI: the document has Different 1st page and different Odd/Even Headers/Footers and the TOC is setup using the Heading styles in 2003.
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    I haven't noticed a difference, but the TOC is set to recognize certain styles and levels. Normally the Title style and the heading for the TOC are one of the recognized styles. You can modify which styles it recognizes pretty easily.
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    I'm a little surprised at what you are seeing, because it is the opposite of what I recall--but I haven't used W2003 for quite some time. So, I just checked and this is what I found:

    In W2003, the Title style is based on normal, but its paragraph outline level is 1. That means a TOC that collects outline levels (\o "1-3" ) would catch the Title style. I don't see a TOC Heading in W2003, but a W2003 TOC does catch the title style.

    In W2010, the Title style is based on normal, but its outline level is body text. The TOC Heading style is based on Heading 1, but its outline level is also body text. Neither should be caught by the TOC, and in my little test they were not. I very much welcomed these changes when I first used W2007. After all I don't have to try to remember to change the outline level for the title and I don't have to create a TOC style (or worry about its outline level).

    Can you check your results again?

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