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    How to access a laptop with a broken screen?

    Hi all,

    I have a VAIO laptop that has a cracked and broken screen - the user left a pencil under the cover near the hinges and slammed it, so I can't see anything on the screen now.
    For the first couple of restarts after it happened, Windows was running ok and I could connect an external screen to use it.
    After a day or so, I caught sight of Windows detecting a bad shutdown and wouldn't start on the external screen.
    Now when I restart it I cannot get anything on the external screen at all so cannot access windows. I've tried pressing the F7 key to switch to an external monitor but that doesn't work - and the BIOS won't come up on the external screen at all.

    I have taken the disk out and backed up the data but I want to fix Windows and use it with an external screen for now.

    I've tried booting off the DVD with an Ubuntu disk but no joy. I don't have access to the Recovery disks either -the user didn't create any when it was bought.

    Any ideas on how I can access windows again, or even the BIOS - I can't seem to get the machine to use the external screen at all.

    A new screen is really expensive, and I'd like to fix Windows using the external screen before replacing the screen.


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    Can you take the drive out again, as you did previously to back up the data, and run a checkdisk on it?

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    Normally just leaving Windows to boot will do the trick - it waits at the not happy prompt for 30 seconds before booting into normal mode.
    It is possible the broken screen is crashing the video card which means the system wont play ball.
    If you leave the machine to boot do you get disk activity indicating things are working?

    cheers, Paul

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    Maybe it is possible to disconnect the ribbon cable for the laptops screen in case there is a short causing the graphics card to fail and turn off the motherboard.
    I don't know if this is possible or not but there should be a ribbon cable from the screen to the motherboard

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