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    Problem setting Ricoh printer trays

    I am getting intermittant errors from a Ricoh Aficio 250 printer when setting printer trays in Word 97/2000 using File | PageSetup | PaperSource. Paper is not being retrieved from the trays I am specifying.

    Has anyone else come across this? Ricoh has no answers, as yet.


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    Re: Problem setting Ricoh printer trays

    Hi, I have created a macro to select paper from a Ricoh Aficio 401 - not sure how different it is from your printer.

    Anyway, the things you need to check are:
    1 - are you selecting the printer or assuming it is the default printer? ActivePrinter = "Ricoh Aficio 250" (for example)

    2 - You need to check to see what each paper tray is actually called. Although you might see it as Tray 1 for instance, it may be called something else according to Word. I know with some of the printers I've worked with what you would think was tray 1 is for example 258. To check your paper trays, record a macro that selects all the paper trays and then go and look at the code assigned to each tray.

    An example of a simple print macro to print to the tray assigned as the default is:

    Sub PrintToRicohFromDefault()
    Dim strDefaultPrinter as String

    strDefaultPrinter = ActivePrinter 'gets the current default printer
    ActivePrinter = "Ricoh Aficio 250" 'changes to Ricoh
    With ActiveDocument.PageSetup
    .FirstPageTray = wdPrinterDefaultBin
    .OtherPagesTray = wdPrinterDefaultBin
    End With
    With Dialogs(wdDialogFilePrint)
    End With

    ActivePrinter = strDefaultPrinter 'changes back to the default printer

    End Sub

    Hope this helps,

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