Hi all I have a problem with media player 11 in xp home, for some reason when the songs play, the voices have started singing in a higher key than they're supposed to, this is on a friend's machine, we can't figure out why. The sound files in windows are all ok so I think it's something wrong with the drivers. This machine doesn't have net capability anymore, my friend doesn't use the net so I uninstalled all the net stuff, would have to reload all that and update it then get the drivers, I'm wondering if I could just reload the mediaplayer if that would help or not or what other possiblilities we have before I have to get it back online to get new drivers? It's a netbook and he doesn't have an optical drive, it's at my place, the machine was mine and I gave it to him but needed the drive for my other netbook, will be giving him the drive and disk next week.