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    Annoyed that HP put their name in front of and made it home pg

    If anyone besides me is aggravated with HP for putting their name in front of the home page that HP set up for you on a new machine, so that the home page shows up with HP the HP logo next to MSN logo at the top of the page, I finally found a way to get rid of it.

    This is on HP's support forum. Although the questioner mentioned a different set of words (he had a desktop computer), the solution is the same. I have a notebook so mine would show up with the words in the address bar. I never did figure out if that was contributing to my display problems with IE 9 on that particular site. You have to go to Tools/Internet Options to find the spot where the check boxes are (that he describes in the message).

    ike the person who wrote the question said, I also tried multiple times to re-set the home page to just using the place in Internet Options where you are supposed to be able to set a home page. No matter what I did or what sequence of actions I took, it refused to reset until I followed the exact directions at the above link.

    I hope this helps someone out there.

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