I have Windows 7 (64 bit) scheduled to backup my personal computer files every week onto an external drive using the standard BackUp/Restore system software.

I have just finished doing my federal taxes, using PC software (Hooray!)

I prefer to backup my tax data onto DVDs, two separate copies. After doing the personal manual copy to DVDs I delete from the PC hard drive the data files generated by the tax software. I leave the tax software on the PC. But the Windows 7 Backup/Restore system has already backed the tax data up onto the external drive.

Is there a way to delete just the tax data from the backup copy on the external drive without affecting any other data files? A way to delete the files is preferable, but deleting the folders the data is in, as well as the data, would do. As you would expect the tax data is in different folders than the tax software and supporting files.