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    Macro for Importing a Hymnal Index into a Cross-Reference?

    Hey all, I have a unique problem I'm trying to solve here, and any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Running Excel 2007 for Windows.

    This spreadsheet is a cross-reference for a church hymnal collection, and allows me as a worship leader to see what books a particular song is located in, and particularly, the song number and other helpful information.

    I'm wanting to import other hymnals to this spreadsheet that I've added to the collection. If I create an index for a given book, is there a macro to import it to the list without having to search and insert one song at a time?

    Another side to it is, two hymnals may have the same title, but the title is sung to a different tune ("if statement" needed). Most hymnals will share at least some titles, so it will need to be able to recognize the titles already in the table and place the song number in the column, and add the new titles.

    Here is the spreadsheet (4.5MB):

    Just want to add, I'm not using this for any sort of commercial venture, just for indexing my private collection of hymnals (though I will use it for creating worship services and hymn-writing). Thanks SO much!


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    Welcome to the Lounge. Your workbook is very well organized and formatted. It already contains large quantities of data.

    However, I am not sure what you specifically want to accomplish.

    Generally I think you want to add more data to the workbook. In doing so what are the major issues? Avoiding duplicate songs? Organizing data from some other electronic source such as Word, Adobe PDF, or another Excel workbook?

    By example if a Hymn book containing 2 Songs.
    What does the raw data look like and what electronic form is it currently in?
    What do you want the final Excel data to be?
    What analysis do you want Excel to perform on the Data before it is added to the current Workbook?

    Lastly, your Excel Workbook is a collection of data that Excel refers to as a “List” or alternatively a “Table”. Excel provides many special tools to do analysis and filtering of large Lists.

    I think with a little more information you should get the assistance you require.



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