First of all, let me just point out I'm in the U.K. !

I've previously been using an old version of Autoroute running on Win2000 and since I upgraded to Win 7 hadn't transferred over. When I tried installing my old version, I got a message :
Your registry settings for this application were not copied
correctly. To correct these settings, run Setup again for this
application from the application where you originally installed it.

I thought that this was probably because Win7 didn't like my old Autoroute 2002, so I bought the new AutoRoute 2011 ; however when I installed this and tried to run it I got the same message !

I've been on the Microsft UK website to try to get assistance ; having entered the product key I got this message :

The product ID number you entered is not supported in the country that you have selected. Enter another product ID number or select a different support option below.

Now, this is a product for the U.K.and Europe ; I was on the Microsoft UK website yet according to them the product is not supported !! If it happens to be because that particular key isn't registered - well, I can't very well register until I can get the programme running !!

I tried to ask for e-mail support without entering a product key and was told it would cost 46 - more than I paid for the programme ! - just to ask for that support.

Reading through comments on Amazon, I find I'm not the only person who has this problem. Can anyone on here advise me either of a work around or how to get Microsoft to advise me ? My only alternative is to return it to Amazon for a refund - and I do find Autoroute handy as a back-up to my GPS !