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Thread: Styles (2002)

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    Styles (2002)

    This problem has not been limited to this release of Office, but this is the version I am currently using. My TOC was building normally per the TOC1, TOC2, and TOC3 styles, when on the next update I lost all leading periods in some lines of the TOC. When I checked the individual lines, their were tabs inserted in those lines in inappropriate places. The tabs did not exist in the "Normal" style template, nor were they in any of the TOC styles. I manually removed them from each line, re-saved the syles to the tmplate with the correct form, and then deleted and rebuilt the TOC. There they were again! I am stymied!

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    Re: Styles (2002) - Jason Tabs

    Sounds like a "Jason tab." See <A target="_blank" HREF=> Whenever I update my Table of Contents it acquires unwanted tabs, and I have to press Ctrl+Q to get rid of them</A> on the MVP FAQ.
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