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    Wireless Routers for Best Coverage

    We have a small motel spread over 1.5 acres with wifi for guest usage.. Currently have Buffalo wireless router with AP and one external antenna that works just OK; but now I want to switch to a new router with higher speeds and two directional antennas. We have high speed DSL that works great. Much to my surprise, I found (in my home wireless routers) that some routers are much more powerful than others. So, how do I find the best router to use for our application? Would prefer not to purchase 10 and try them all. The cabins are dispersed and wired connections is not an option.

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    As you are using external antennas your choice will be limited, but the antennas are the critical factor, not the router. You can also run point to point links at 5GHz and then connect a wireless access point for users at 2.4GHz.

    cheers, Paul

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