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    Question Deleting Visual C++ Updates?

    Hi ho, Loungers -- I have 10 Microsoft Visual C++ files that show up in my list of installed programs, some installed in 2009, some in 2011, all labeled either C++ 2005 or C++ 2008, all, evidently, the result of automatic upgrades, and all, presumably, loaded on at some point by MS Windows. I certainly never installed them. Do I really need them? Would it mess things up if I uninstalled them? I understand, though only dimly, that Visual C++ is an essential component for some programs, but I'm wondering which programs needed these updates.

    The first 8 in the list, called either "Redistributables" or "Updates," add up to only a few MBs in size, but the last 2 in the list, called "Compilers," add up to about 450 MBs. I know that on a multi-gig hard drive these files aren't taking up any significant space -- but (a) I like to run a clean machine, carrying as little excess baggage as possible; (b) I think it'd be nice if I could find a way to discern which programs, if any, require Visual C++; and (c) I wish I'd been asked, prior to the upgrades, whether I want this stuff and/or told why it was being added to my system. I usually check fairly carefully before agreeing to accept and install updates -- most often following Susan Bradley's advice -- but I don't recall any mention of this particular kind of upgrade.

    Any thoughts on this admittedly trifling issue? Remarks? Tips? Answers?


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    They are small, cause no harm and ended up there surely because some installed programs installed the original libraries. I see no need to worry about them and removing them may cause some programs to stop working.

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    Unfortunately, it is very difficult to tell what programs require VC++ much less a specific patch level. Some programs do require a specific patch level. As Rui stated the updates are small. Unless you are really desperate for HD space I recommend you leave them alone.


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