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    Scanner - Visioneer 8900

    I've been using the 8900 probably since 2003. It's an end of support product. When I moved to a Vista 32bit laptop I had problems scanning, but was able to upgrade to a driver for a new machine that was supported and worked with 8900, 9420.
    When I upgraded to Win 7, I had no problems. When I upgraded both programs Paperport 7 to 12, no problem. Installing PhotoPlus, all this and the scanner worked fine with both programs and win7.
    Now the scanner, with all the updates to Win7, still works with PhotoPlus, but not with Paperport 12, although it had been working fine with Paperport 12. Seems PP12 is also at the end of support, but why would it STOP working when it had been fine? I've reinstalled/repaired paperport, reinstalled the 8900 with the same driver as before. Still can't get Paperport to communicate with scanner although it shows it is selected within PP12, and also scanner works when using the testing module within PP12.
    I'm out of money trying to keep up with new peripherals, and software...and I don't need to spend money if it's working...but why did it stop and how can I fix something that works with other software...and internally works with its own software test?

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    It could be that the scanner has a hardware failure. It is an old product and these older products do fail. You are probably lucky you got 9 years out of it.
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    You might try installing an XP virtual machine and connecting the scanner to it. That's what I had to do with my old Visoneer scanner.If nothing else, doing that would eliminate the possibility of the drivers not working on Win 7, and let you know for sure if it is a hardware issue.

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