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    Just to clarify: I believe post #12 to #15 refer to a different problem that handcuff36 has reported elsewhere. The OP of this thread (davefaulkner) is using a 32 bit OS, so can never use more than the 32bit addressing limit (around 3.5GB).

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    Just a few observations, from the previous posts:

    Norton? NEVER!!!! It can slow down any OS on any PC and bring an already compromised PC right down to its knees.

    Ram Defrag? NO!

    Auslogics Defrag? NEVER! Let Win-7 handle that. I ran Auslogics Defrag one time and it made such a mess out of my C: drive that I had to do a backup and restore to get it back into shape again. Never again!

    Two Browsers open at the same time? WHY? Don't do that! Browsers are typically heavy ram and CPU users.
    Only run them one at a time, if you actually NEED two of them.
    Just run Firefox and keep it up to date. Current version is 10.0.2 (02/18/2012)

    Just a few thoughts from a working PC tech.

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