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    WLM mail delivery to new folder

    So I've had no luck trying to get answers from Microsoft regarding my LIVE.COM email account that I have been using for the last 5 years. Starting 2 days ago my emails look to have been all transferred to POP folder AND I have no reason why? New emails will come to regular in-box but only stay temporarily and then also get sent into POP folder - This has NEVER happened before and the above thread was the only similar sounding problem I could find anywhere ....

    Can someone please help?

    Thanks in advance for any possible help you can send my way .....


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    Matt, Welcome to the Lounge.

    For future reference, starting a new thread will tend to get more exposure for your problem than adding to the end or in the middle of an existing thread. Perhaps a moderator or administrator could move this post to a new thread.

    Is this Pop folder a sub folder of you Inbox, or a folder within the mailbox tree? Have you checked your web page to see if a similar Pop folder has appeared there? Perhaps you could post a screen shot of the folders so we could see the problem. (Use the Go Advanced button at the bottom of the reply box, then use the paper clip icon or the Manage Attachments button to add screen shots).


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