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    Susan Bradley v Woody's Defcon

    Susan's advice seems to be at odds with the DEFCON. One says not to install patches while the other states to install them (well some). This is a bit confusing when one does not install the patches until recommended either on DEFCON or when a special recommendation is published.


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    I asked Woody this question once and he said that Ms Bradley looked at it from a business viewpoint and his take was more of an everyday user one.

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    The way to avoid all conflict and confusion is to always install all patches the instant they are offered. But I can understand why corporate administrators may not wish to do that.


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    My feelings are that I will decide what I wish to install on my PC. I do respect Susan's viewpoint, and do sometimes look at that viewpoint, but normally just skim over it in favor of researching the updates myself. My PCes are not in a corp. environment. We do install all updates that MS states we need and have never had a problem. This last set of updates caused problems for a least one person that I highly respect so they do sometimes cause problems. In my case they have not. I will continue to create Images regularly on both of our PCes we use daily so that when something bad happens I will be able to restore as my friend was able to.

    This does point out the very reason why creating UP TO DATE Images is so important. (Yes, I meant to shout up to date) There is a discussion in another thread where a recent update seems to have trashed an OS (the jury is still out on this, not sure of the actual problem yet) Unfortunately the OP's most recent Image is from Sept. 2011. That's almost 6 months ago. 6 months is a LONG time in computer time. Assuming this OP uses that Image there will be a lot of work left to do to bring that PC up to date. Think about everything you've done with your PC in the last 6 months. I'm not counting data changes. If you don't back up your data seperately from everything else then shame on youe. I'm talking about the OS. Everything on the HD. All the apps. All the updates to the OS. Everything.

    I recreate my Images at least once per month. This way if/when an update hoses my OS, 10 minutes later I'm back in business. Why would you not do this!

    Sorry for the rant.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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