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    IE ad-ons completely broken.

    Hello guys,
    I desperately need help with this issue. I've searched everywhere, and can't find a fix. All my Internet Explorer ad-ons are completely disabled. This includes Flash. My browser isn't running with ad-ons disabled. And the enable button is dimmed. This problem just happened randomly. I uninstalled a ton of programs including anything recent to see if that fixed the problem, But no luck. reinstalling the ad-ons doesn't do a thing either. I also tried repairing internet explorer, and even rolling back to an older version. I'm assuming something in the registry is broken, but I've no clue what it could be. I'm running Vista 32-bit. Please help guys! I hate having to switch browsers to watch videos. thanks for reading and for any help you can provide!
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    This quote is from M$;
    Why am I getting a message saying I'm running without add-ons when I start Internet Explorer?

    This message appears when Internet Explorer is opened with add-ons disabled. To run Internet Explorer normally (with add-ons turned on), make sure to select Internet Explorer on the Start menu and do not click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).
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