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Thread: Apple Software

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    Apple Software

    Ok I have a slow booting XP-PC and am going through the process of uninstalling everything one at a time to find the culprit if possible. I have done MalwareBytes and AVG scans and all appears Virus/Mal free.

    Now I am not using Ipod/Ipad or any mobile devices at all and am wondering about what exactly the Apple software stuff is and what it's used for etc.

    This PC is used as a backup for data etc my main PC is Windows 7 64 bit. I may want to do an upgrade to Win & on this XP-PC later.

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    Apple software may have crept in by installing the QuickTime player at some point in the past.

    If you have no Apple devices, you should be able to safely uninstall all Apple software from the system.

    There is however a faster and less dramatic method to determine which apps (if any) are slowing the boot sequence. You can use msconfig to selectively disable start-up items without having to uninstall them to see if they are the culprit. Uninstalling has the downside that you have to install again if you want to use the software..... and you may end up removing all installed software only find that it is not an app that is slowing the boot.

    To launch msconfig under XP: From the Start menu, select Run... and enter msconfig in the dialog box that pops up. Click OK. The msconfig utility will appear: Select the Startup tab. walk your way down through the list of startup items disabling programs that are launched. Reboot and see if it makes a difference.

    Of course, there are many other things to look for to overcome a slow boot (and others will no doubt offer advice): using msconfig is just a quick tip to save you from uninstalling apps to try find the culprit.

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    Once you find a culprit(s) that is slowing you down I have 2 apps that allow me to stop apps from starting with Windows permanently very easily. What's in Startup is just that. You have to scroll down a ways for the download link. The other is Autoruns. This is not quite as simple as What's in Startup.



    As you can see Auto runs actually shows the Registry location that will be changed. More comprehensive, and complex. I find What's In Startuo very easy to use. Autoruns also has lots of other tabs with lots of info. Very useful for other stuff as well.

    Use msconfig for T/S to find culprit. Then one of these 2 to permanently delete the items you don't need. As you can see I have just 3 apps starting with Windows on my PC. My S/W firewall, my AV, and my Touchpad, that's it.
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    Take a look at the first paragraph in my original post (see "Windows Update issue, and question", below).
    There are a couple of Windows updates that more than doubled my boot time. Uninstalling them fixed the problem.
    Hope this helps.

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