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    Ya, to me the best interface is a menu bar with a customized icon bar selected from the most used items available. Ribbons are kind of in the middle, better than a menu bar alone but not as good as bar and icon combination. There's no getting around the fact that the ribbon interface looks more modern though and these days, to be considered old and stodgy u.i.-wise is completely out of fashion so menu bars are often hid and need to be turned on for major interfaces like iTunes and W7 explorer leaving almost no proper u.i. at all if left off!!

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    Here's what Microsoft does...

    It comes out with a new OS and after years of using the old OS and familiar with it Microsoft comes out with the new OS and changes things and commands and features that are basically what the old OS had and they change the names of them, puts them where we are not familiar and then we spend a another few years learning it and then Microsoft does it all over again...

    All they ever need to do is leave alone what we are familiar with and just leave us with only having to learn any new stuff they added.

    An example I always use is with the solitaire game.
    In Xp all you had to do was hit F2 and it dealt a new hand.
    Now you have to hit F2 and get three options as to what you want to do when all you wanted to do is deal a new hand..
    So, in thier warped quest for efficiency they now give you an EXTRA step to waste your time on.

    It's like a big plot being concocted by a bunch of programming school dropouts!

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