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    Word 2007, 2 Spaces instead of Tab in Numbered List

    Is there a way to set up a numbered list to use 2 spaces after the number instead of a tab and just have a hanging indent set to whatever? I tried doing it with "New Number Format" but it still inserts the tab. A numbered list made manually is attached. We are sending documents through an interface to another system and you cannot use Tabs, but the indents seem to work...

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    Yes, you can do this in the numbering dialogs. For best results and for a single level list, modify the List Number style.

    Apply the list number style to paragraph text. Right click the first number and choose Numbering > Define new number format. In the Number format input box, add two spaces (or a no break space and a space) after the period. If the numbering goes above 9, consider setting the numbers to right align so you won't have to adjust higher numbers. OK out of the dialog. Right click the number again and choose Adjust list indents. In the Follow number with input box, select "Nothing" and clear the Add tab stop box. With the cursor anywhere in the text of the paragraph, adjust the hanging indent so turnover text aligns the way you want. Now, from the Styles pane, update the list number style to match the selection.

    For more levels, a multilevel list works as well. You can get the number buttons to work like this too, but I haven't tried it and don't know how reliable they would be.


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