Hello Everyone,

I have a document that is seperated in several sections and each section has it's own header that is not linked to the previous section.

I needed to place two instances of the document page number with two different formats into the header of each section so that one instance reads:

Section 1-1, Section 1-2, Section 1-3 depending on what page it is in that section.
(where I used the field codes {STYLEREF1 \s} - {={PAGE} - {PAGEREF Section 1} +1} )
*I had to use these codes because everytime I updated the page number format of one instance the other page number would automatically format to match the other.

and the other instance reads Page 1 of 43
(where I used the normal option of going to insert --> Page Number --> Page X of Y with the formatting set to not include chapter number and to continue from previous section. )

So now when I generate my TOC it only puts that page number in respect to the entire document instead of putting the section number and the page number in respect to the section.

1.0 PURPOSE AND SCOPE.....................3

instead of

1.0 PURPOSE AND SCOPE.....................1-2

I know it does this because my formatting for page numbers in the rest of the document is set to not include chapter number and to continue from previous but is there a way to change the formatting of the page numbers in just the TOC to include the chapter number and to restart at 1?

Thanks for your help!