Please and thank you: I'm a developer in China. Our software is to help construction engineers designing building. There are plenty of calculations in our software, and we need to show them the calculations' process by MS Word. Besides, I need to insert many equations. After finding in internet, I've found some ways to do that: EQ Field, MathType and LaTex.

MathType: first, it is not for free; second, it requires our user to install MathType, and it's hard to do that.
LaTex: LaTex's equations are pretty fine, but I've found it can only create a gif and can't be modified.

So We have to choose inserting a EQ Field. And here is my problem: the font of EQ Field is hard to change when creating the doc or docx. We can change the font by anlysising individule character and seting a new font, but it's too slowly when we create a big doc.

I've find only a example on internet: {EQ \* jc1 \* "Font:Wide Latin" \* hps20 \o(\s\up10(<ruby>),<base>)}.
In this case, "Font:..." can change the font of "<ruby>". But I can't find anything more.

If I can change the font of evey character of EQ Field without anlysising every charater, it would be greatefull. Like: { EQ \*"Font:font1" I = \f(\*"Font:font2" U, \*"Font:font3" R) } --- Actually, it only provide an "Error"...

It would be very helpfull too if you can give me another solution for inserting an equation.

At last, thank you very much. And forget my poor English.