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    Viewing & Printing TIF(F)

    In Windows XP, the MSPView.exe was available for viewing a TIF(F) file and it had thumbnails of the pages on the left side of the screen, very much like they show in Adobe. Printing was as easy as Ctrl+P.

    In Win7, I cannot find a viewer that is comparable to the viewer in XP.

    Our faxes come in as TIF(F)s and Windows Photo Viewer is what automatically opens to view them. Getting to all of the pages is not too bad, but printing is another story. Way too complicated. None of the other programs that can be used to view TIF(F)s work any better than the default Windows Photo Viewer.

    Surely there is something available for Win7 that would be comparable to the MSPView.exe in XP. Would someone be able to point me in the correct direction to find such a viewer?

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    There are at least three different free workarounds mentioned in this discussion at Microsoft Office Forums:

    Viewing / Printing tif files has become very difficult with Windows 7 & Office 2010

    Hope this helps. I'd be interested to hear which you choose.


    EDIT: The link to the free Brava! Reader in that thread is broken; it's really at
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