I have been trying without success to get a response from Sony about a problem which seems to be quite widespread - ie google get lots of hits. Maybe the problem is more Windows than Movie Studio???

I am running Win7, and v 11 of Movie Studio, 32 bit throughout.
When I try to 'Make Movie' prior to burning it to a DVD, no problem.
When I try to 'make Movie' to save it to my hard drive, I get the following message
An error occurred while creating the media file
Exception thrown by method called

I get the same error message when I command 'Render as...', so it seems to connected with the Rendering process.
The same software loads on a separate WinXP machine and works perfectly (although very slowly - it's a low spec machine).
It also works OK (but slowly) when I loaded it to a virtual machine on the Win7 PC.

So maybe it's a Windows message that we are seeing?

If any of this rings any bells for you, do please respond,